Can You Steam Clean Hardwood Floors ?
2023-11-21 Dupray
Can You Steam Clean Hardwood Floors ?

Can You Steam Clean Hardwood Floors ?

A question that is commonly asked a few times per week, so here is our definitive answer : Yes, using steam on hardwood floors is an excellent way to sanitize them and it poses no problems to the wood surface, given that the operator uses the right technique. If you have hardwood floors, you know how hard and time consuming it is to clean them with traditional methods. People are usually afraid to damage the wood by using cleaning products or too much water. Of course, excess water is never good for hardwood floors. Dry steam will NOT damage the wood because very little water and no chemicals are used in the process. It is in fact the most natural and efficient way to deep clean any surface. The heat generated by steam will not damage the finish if the user uses a thick microfiber cloth over the heavy-duty rectangular floor tool that comes with your Dupray steam cleaner. Not only will your steam cleaner reduce cleaning time, but it will drastically improve the way your wood floors look!

Here are the steps to start steam cleaning your hardwood floor:
1. Before you start steam cleaning, you must always vacuum first.
2. Use the rectangular floor tool provided with your steam cleaner and simply attach a thick microfiber cloth around it. The microfiber will insulate the steam, retain excess moisture and the high steam temperature will attract dirt like a magnet!
3. Set the steam cleaner at the low or medium steam pressure. The lower the pressure, the dryer the steam will be. The high pressure forms condensation, so don’t use the maximum pressure setting.
4. Slowly pass everywhere to sanitize, deep clean and revitalize your floors.
5. When the cloth is saturated with dirt, simply remove it and throw it in your washing machine.

Many of the steam mops on the market are not powerful enough to perform the majority of tasks so be sure to contact us at 1-800-881-8482 if you have any question regarding our advanced cleaning equipment.

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