Steam generator irons. The better wrinkle removers.

Although steam ironing stations are more effective and efficient, they tend to be more popular in Europe than here in North America. Fortunately, people are beginning to understand the advantages of these powerful steam producers. With popularity on the rise, more and more are making their way into our homes.Not all models are the same, some take longer to heat up than others. The Dupray SteamIron™ however, reaches maximum heat relatively quickly, in just 10...


Professional Bedbugs Steam Cleaners

Bed bugs massive comeback in North American cities are forcing pest control professionals to change the way they eradicate these rigorous insects. Dupray, specialized in the world’s most advanced steam cleaners just released a line of vapor bed bug steamers, designed to instantly kill and eradicate bed bugs and their eggs using up to 160ºC superheated dry steam. These world’s best steam cleaners are part of the government recommended way to treat and get rid...


Can You Steam Clean Hardwood Floors ?

A question that is commonly asked a few times per week, so here is our definitive answer : Yes, using steam on hardwood floors is an excellent way to sanitize them and it poses no problems to the wood surface, given that the operator uses the right technique. If you have hardwood floors, you know how hard and time consuming it is to clean them with traditional methods. People are usually afraid to damage the...


The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Steam Cleaners

1. How long does the steam last using the ONE™ steam cleaner ? Depending on how you use the steamer, and what pressure setting you choose, steam can last between 1 to 2.5 hours. 2. What is the warranty on your steam cleaners ? All units comes with an excellent standard warranty, including lifetime warranty on the boiler; 3-year limited warranty on the steam cleaner. 3. I want to do car detailing with steam. Which...

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